Established in November 2014 in the oldest building in Red Bank, The Meeting House is committed to providing Red Bank with the best cup of coffee in town. Our passion is threefold - coffee, food, and people. We hope to nourish the body with the highest quality food and drink, while nourishing the soul with creativity, conversation, and community. Our coffeehouse is designed to inspire creative dialogue, brainstorming sessions, and relationships. We proudly serve locally roased Mad Priest Coffee.


No matter who you are, or where you come from, there is a table with your name on it at The Meeting House. We are honored to be your local coffeehouse and look forward to meeting.


Red Bank Chapel

A chapel of the Mission Chattanooga

Our building serves as a multi-venue facility – hosting Sunday church services for The Red Bank Chapel of The Mission Chattanooga and providing childcare facilities throughout the week in our Kids’ Space. We hope to meet the needs of our Red Bank friends and family through these avenues of connection.

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